Friday, October 8, 2010

Change is good!!!

Dearest darling followers. Fantastic news. I, Too Beautylicious, have decided to rule the beauty world. Since I need bigger and better things to do so, the blog is moving. "To Where??" you're asking. To my OWN WEBSITE!!! Henceforth, please report to For those of you who are subscribers, your subscription has already been transferred. For those of you who aren't subscribers yet, SUBSCRIBE when you go to the new place!!

Let me know what you think of the site so I can pass it on to my web guru. He's helping me with the site and any issues or suggestions any of y'all may have.

See you over there!!!

Another open letter... Essie Weingarten, founder of Essie nail polish.

Dear Essie:

First and foremost, hi. Big fan of your work. BIG fan.

Secondly, I am a sucker for anything Halloween related this time of year. If it's dark, creepy, macabre, spooky (you get the idea), I'm on board. However, since I neither work at a costume shop or a tattoo parlor, I can't exactly succumb to all my whims. That's why your polish, simply called "Wicked" is a dream come true. It's a deep red without being black. It's the richest wine shade without being goth. In short, the 9-to-5 girl can wear this safely to the office without freaking out co-workers and it's also suuuuuper sexy to wear out. Another option? I'd put it on my toenails and wear open toed, black patent high heels. And I would be smoking hot.

In short, keep up the good work and please, please, PLEASE don't ever discontinue this polish.

Too Beautylicious

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who's on Twitter???

If you are on Twitter, so is Too!!! You can follow me at 2_beautylicious. The blog will post there as well as any random beauty tips I think of during the day!!!

For those of you who prefer an all-in-one

This handy keychain from Clinique includes 2 lipglosses and a lipstick in perfectly neutral pinks suitable for any skin type. (The Superbalm is Too's personal favorite!) Now, when you grab your keys in the morning, you'll have 3 lip color options at your fingertips. Voila! No leaving the house and going "Crap! I left my lip stuff at home!"

You can get this key chain at Macy's during the month of October. And how handy- proceeds benefit breast cancer awareness.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey y'all!!!

I know- I stepped out for a bit. Too was in the wild, wild west for a little bit and let me tell you, they do not appreciate the beauty products out there like they do in my neck of the woods. Hair product? Anyone?

I digress. My newest find for you all is another fantastic, affordable find. Maybelline's Volum Express The Falsies. Holy smokes. I put this stuff to the test, let me assure you. This stuff is out of this world! It lasted all day and it does exactly what it claims. My lashes were huge and long and glorious. One coat makes a statement. Two coats will brush against your sunglasses. I have yet to try 3 coats. I'm a little afraid...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ok, go with me on this one...

When I was a kid and we'd play pretend, there were many occasions where I didn't want to be the princess. I didn't want to be the "star". I can't tell you how many times I said "I don't want to be Annie. I want to be Miss Hannigan. She's the funny one!" And think about it- before more recent Disney movies, the evil queens and fairies were pretty darn fabulous. High cheekbones. Red lips. Green eyeshadow. you're speaking my language!

Thank goodness the makeup geniuses at M.A.C. feel the same way I do! They are now offering a "Venomous Villians" line based on 4 fabulous baddies! (
I LOVE this!!! Maleficent's eye shadows are SICK and don't even get me started on the lip glasses!!

Take a minute to peruse all the choices. I think you may find something that inspires the bad girl in you...

Monday, September 27, 2010

So cool.

I love the blending of styles/genres. My current favorite? Tough and lady like. LOVE IT! And everyone can pull this look off. It just depends on how you do it. A great place to start? OPI's "My Private Jet" nail polish. First off, the color is outstanding in the bottle. You can't quite tell what color it is! Is it grey? Is it brown-ish? Does it look like an oil slick? WHAT IS IT???

The best part is that it is the teeny tiniest bit glittery. Not so much that you look like a Miley Cyrus fan. Just enough that it catches the light. 2 coats of this polish is semi-sheer fabulousness. 3 coats is just plain badass.

(Oh, for 3 days only, use coupon code "FRIEND2010" at for 20% off your entire order. You're welcome.)